You might have heard about people learning variety of stuff for fun, for show off or as a life-skill. Let's skip the middle one and talk about the other two motivations.

Have fun, Learn a Life skill! Sounds like a good mantra. In the age where an average user unlocks the phone with 100+ apps to check one or the other app, would you really contest that Product Thinking is not a Life Skill? :-)

(To those still denying, you deserve Aarogya Setu app. :-@ Also, Modiji has a personal app for a reason. And why is the government launching…

The listener who doesn’t listen

There is one possibility when the speaker might feel it’s relevant and the listener can find it irrelevant. That is when the listener is not able to connect the dots which the speaker is connecting. Having said both, often the listener can use the word irrelevant for their convenience while the speaker is just being elaborate and articulate. You may ask for a short answer by stating it, as your need for the short answer. But, not blame the speaker for being irrelevant and incapable of keeping it short.

Otherwise, people tend to label their…

Dear MK,

I was intending to write this reply after a phone conversation - which is also the phrase of the month for me. But, going ahead here since that will take time. Hoping to speak soon.

Phone conversation because like an aeroplane crashes, my message for better collaboration didn’t land as I had intended during our interaction and it crashed. I take responsibility of the hurt and stress it caused you. As a proof of this responsibility, I offer my apology at the site of the act. Sorry, MK! …

The Hand of Impact

Five Fingers of your palm are different from each other. Imagine if we denoted each finger with a department / organ of an organisation / company that is investing in changing the status-quo. Note that this organisation can be a tech outfit too provided we erase the boundary between media and tech. And why not in today’s time.

So, here is the proposition and the elaboration follows.

Middle Finger = Research

Ring Finger = Events

Fore Finger = Media

Index Finger = Space (physical)

Thumb = Community

Now, if you remove any of these organs from…

A collection of Terribly Tiny Stories

She: I am afraid. You give me too much freedom.
He: That's weird. Everybody wants more freedom.
She: Everybody don't love you, I do.

He: How much freedom do you want after the marriage?
She: Who are you to "give" freedom?
He: I am your fiancée
She: You were.

What’s the Bill?

830 pm,

Moved out of the office, only to return back for personal work!!

Daily budget for a meal was an average 70 rupees!!

Browsed the menu, found the dish!

Fitting in the budget, Tava Pulao was about to arrive!

Watching TV, Listening crap!

Plate & Spoon arrived, Mobile then placed besides!

Dinner was nice, happier was the pocket!

Water finished the meal, Uncle, What’s the Bill?

110 Rupees!!

Face turned high, wallet back in the lower pocket!

I called the waiter with the menu from the table!

From a table different, He brought one!

I saw…

Tangible & Intangible

An engineer & a film maker are in a conversation over change.

E:- Your work is sooooo long-term, slow impact & yet so demanding.
F:- Hmm. And?
E:- Yours is so intangible too. You don’t make a real difference to the world. Just consolidate yourself while hanging around doing the stuff you enjoy. We make things, break things and solve problems. Like you know Google, right? Two engineers made that.
F:- Ya. I do know Google. And that the people who made it are called Engineers. Google did solve problems. It made information accessible, knowledge affordable and lives simpler.
E:- That’s…

पुरा परिवार साथ बैठकर टी.वी. देख रहा था |
“मम्मी, आप छोटी थी तब क्या बनना चाहती थी?”, आवाज आई |

“मैं टी.वी. पे आना चाहती थी| एंकर बन्े का सपना था |”, कहकर मम्मी ने पुछा “तुम दोनो क्या बनना चाहते हो |”

“मैं फेसबुक पेज बनुंगा”,
“और मैं विकीपीडिया पेज बनुंगी “,
दोनों ने जवाब दिया |

पापा ने दोनो की बात पर कुछ कहा नहीं |

बेटी ने करीब जाकर पुछा, “पापा, आप कुछ नहीं बनना चाहते थे ?”

बेटी का सर सेहलाते हुए जवाब दिया ,” बेटे , मैं बनना तो .com चाहता था , पर…

Hindi is like my childhood friend, we grew up together & remained best friends. She was interested in me, but I was not able to appreciate her more than as a friend, an extremely good friend. While pursuing higher education, I got infatuated towards English.I proposed her and we started dating. With some initial ups & downs, we struck a chord. Now, we are planning to spend a life together. After completing my education I moved to the company I got placed & I met Marathi.

Marathi was not a stranger, but my school classmate with whom I hardly spoke…

Sub: R̵e̵s̵i̵g̵n̵a̵t̵i̵o̵n̵ ̵ Gratitude Letter

Dear K,

I don’t feel home here.

Gratitude for telling me where I don’t belong.

Warmth (& loads of it, really!),


When home can be a workplace, why do workspaces fail to become homes? You don’t need an answer for this. You just need courage.

Manohar Kabeer

Researcher & Community Manager ✓ Documentaries in India, Film Distribution, Cafe & Third Spaces, Railways, Community Building, Podcasts, …, X ✓

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