Dear MK,

I was intending to write this reply after a phone conversation - which is also the phrase of the month for me. But, going ahead here since that will take time. Hoping to speak soon.

Phone conversation because like an aeroplane crashes, my message for better collaboration didn’t land as I had intended during our interaction and it crashed. I take responsibility of the hurt and stress it caused you. As a proof of this responsibility, I offer my apology at the site of the act. Sorry, MK! Going forward, let’s work towards building better understanding between us so that such unintentional crashes have no scope.

I am also sad myself that my misjudgement caused you pain. I did overreact in response to your statement, which further created an unhealthy chain. The experience has made me humbler and ignited a reflection about my communication, language and my limitations to articulate the intent well. I assure you that this experience won't remain restricted to just workplace but also extend to all human interactions. Thank you for enabling something precious for me. I am grateful for the multiple conversations I had with friends in the last 3 days which helped me see the situation objectively.

While we work towards our shared goals in near future, I request you (if you can) to reach out to me directly and address any concern or misinterpretation arising for whatsoever reason. I respect your pace and comfort. It will remain a collaborative effort for both of us.

Thanks for patiently reading and being open-hearted to this letter.

Warmth & Gratitude,

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