L(ea)ove Letter to The Landlord

Dear Mr. R,

Hope your health is good.

This is to formally inform you that I have moved out of your house at Divine Society. June is my last month there.

All of us have been actively scouting for a new person who can join from July. Due to the prevailing circumstances, it's much much difficult than usual. But we will keep trying and you will hear from us promptly.

I have fond memories from the house. :-) Do keep the painting in the living room intact, today and tomorrow. It's lovely. Also, do speak to the watchman from time to time for his wellbeing.

Wish you great tenants like me in future too. :-D Though I understand it will be difficult.

Thank you, Mr. R.


Manohar Kabeer

Researcher & Community Manager ✓ Documentaries in India, Film Distribution, Cafe & Third Spaces, Railways, Community Building, Podcasts, …, X ✓