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  • My Waldorf Wonderland

    My Waldorf Wonderland

    I am an adventurer. As a Waldorf Teacher, I share my meanderings and musings here. Sometimes stories and songs, sometimes inner and outer journeying.

  • Abhishek Thakore

    Abhishek Thakore

    Pushing the edge…..with soft motherly nudges…

  • Fareesh Vijayarangam

    Fareesh Vijayarangam

    Co-Founder & CTO, Mentza

  • Mikul Patel

    Mikul Patel

    TEDx Speaker, Product Manager @Microsoft, CEO @Moodcafe. IIMA, IITR. Love talking about mental health, innovations, social impact, spirituality, tourism.

  • Reap Benefit

    Reap Benefit

    Engaging youngsters in solving local environmental problems with data and solutions #energy #waste #water #sanitation

  • Mohit Mangal

    Mohit Mangal

  • Rohit Choudhary

    Rohit Choudhary

  • Pankaj Karamchandani

    Pankaj Karamchandani

    Tech Enthusiast. Turtling my way up.

  • Manohar Kabeer

    Manohar Kabeer

    Researcher & Culture Manager ✓ Documentaries in India, Film Distribution, Cafe & Third Spaces, Railways, Community Building, College Culture, ..., X ✓

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