Manohar Kabeer
1 min readJul 16, 2020


The Hand of Impact

Five Fingers of your palm are different from each other. Imagine if we denoted each finger with a department / organ of an organisation / company that is investing in changing the status-quo. Note that this organisation can be a tech outfit too provided we erase the boundary between media and tech. And why not in today’s time.

So, here is the proposition and the elaboration follows.

Middle Finger = Research

Ring Finger = Events

Fore Finger = Media

Index Finger = Space (physical)

Thumb = Community

Now, if you remove any of these organs from your plan, then what will be the impact? The analogy of the palm and the corresponding impact of the fingers in the grip and strength of the palm can give you a sense of the proportionate impact.

As a corollary, if you are strategizing and want to prioritise the resources and investment, you may use this framework to appraise. A combination of different fingers together forms a Mudra. Each Mudra has a quotient of effort of its own. And this quotient correlates with the ease of implementation. For example, community and media are relatively the easiest to bring together. And community with physical space is relatively the most difficult. Ofcourse, you can connect all of them with some effort. And even combine three fingers together.

The power of the fist is in the thumb. And that’s community. Sustainable change and sustainable impact relies heavily on Community. So, when you are punching next time, don’t forget the thumb!?