Manohar Kabeer
1 min readJul 14, 2020


What’s the Bill?

830 pm,

Moved out of the office, only to return back for personal work!!

Daily budget for a meal was an average 70 rupees!!

Browsed the menu, found the dish!

Fitting in the budget, Tava Pulao was about to arrive!

Watching TV, Listening crap!

Plate & Spoon arrived, Mobile then placed besides!

Dinner was nice, happier was the pocket!

Water finished the meal, Uncle, What’s the Bill?

110 Rupees!!

Face turned high, wallet back in the lower pocket!

I called the waiter with the menu from the table!

From a table different, He brought one!

I saw it, then it was my turn!

I picked the menu on my table to read it loud!

Uncle disagreed with his heart loud!

I was right, he was right!

Both menus had different price!

Who wins? In the battle no one created!

Budget doesn’t allow to be kind,

Uncle, presented his mind!

Nowhere Tava Pulao comes so cheap!

Is that my fault to be charged!

See yourself sir, what pleases you!

I will remember next time,

Here is the bill!